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These are all of the puzzles, games, and activities you'll need to survive your cabin fever in the next few weeks. All are in stock and you can pick them up in store or we will deliver them to you! Free delivery in Baltimore City, and $5 or less delivery outside of Baltimore City.

Looking for books for your 6-9 year old or 8-12 year old? Here's a list of our top picks!

Use this quaratine time to get started on that novel, poetry, or short story! Send a card to your grandma or other quaratined loved ones! Shop journals, cards, and stationary here! Free delivery in Baltimore City and $5 or less delivery everywhere else!

Is someone's birthday coming up and that birthday drink you were gonna buy them is out of the question because you are both facetiming across the city because the flupocalypse is upon us? Send them a gift from us! Or maybe you just need a candle to get rid of the smell of couch potato that's quickly building up in your hibernating state? WE GOT YOU. 

Here are all of the cozies and pouches we have in stock made by hand by the amazing DX Cozy!!! 

Click the cozy icon below or the pouch icon below and place in your cart. Then give a description of which of the design above you would like in the notes during checkout!

Above are all of the sock styles we have on hand. In order to select styles, place the item in your cart using the below icon labeled "ankle socks" or "crew socks." Then upon checking out, put in the instruction box what style you prefer by listing the corresponding letter. We will deliver those socks to you ASAP to keep your toesies warm while you binge watch Netflix on your couch! 

NOTE: Most styles are CREW SOCKS. Styles F, N, O, and W are ANKLE SOCKS. 

Click the appropriate icon below to add to your cart!

Charm City Books is proud to host a large variety of no-cost and low-cost events for the public. These events include author engagements, community forums, open mics, acoustic jam sessions, poetry read alouds, and game and trivia nights. Please see our event calendar below for specific times/dates.



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Support Southwest Baltimore's teachers and students with the gift of books!

With Pay-it-Forward, you are able to purchase books from a teacher's classroom wishlist and we, working in partnership with locals schools, deliver those book directly into the hands of the teacher for his/her classroom at the end of the month. We will feature a new teacher each month.

Our goal for March and April is to collect 100 copies of:
Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You 
by Jason Reynolds & Ibram X Kendi 

so that every 7th and 8th grade student and their teachers at Southwest Baltimore Charter School will have a copy.